My Authors

Recent writers and poets whose books I’ve represented.

∫ Katey Schultz, Flashes of War, Apprentice House, 2013 (Short Story Collection)

∫ Megan Gannon, Cumberland, Apprentice House, 2014 (Novel)

∫  Karen Babine, Water and What It Knows, University of Minnesota Press, 2015 (Nonfiction/Essay Collection)

∫ Tanya J. Peterson, Twenty-Four Shadows, Apprentice House, 2016 (Novel)

∫ Sam Snoek-Brown, Hagridden, Columbus Press, 2014 (Historical Fiction Novel)

∫ Adrian Gibbons Koesters, Many Parishes, BrickHouse Books, 2013 (Poetry)

∫ Paul Ketzle, The Late Michael Brown, Apprentice House, 2014 (Novel)

∫ Penn Stewart, Fertile Ground, Knox Robinson Publishing, 2015 (Historical Fiction Novel)

∫ Mary Jane Ryals, Cutting Loose in Paradise,Pineapple Press, 2015 (Novel)

∫ Trish MacEnulty, The Pink House, Apprentice House, 2016 (Novel)

∫ William Reichard, Two Men Rowing Madly Toward Infinity, 2015 (Poetry)

∫ Marjorie Power, Seven Parts Woman, WordTech, 2016 (Poetry)

∫ Margaret O. Howard, Lalin Bonheur,  Wild Child Publishing, 2016 (Genre Fiction)

∫ Amy Ratto Parks, Radial Bloom, Folded Word Press, 2017 (Lyrical Essays)

Adrian Koesters, Union Square, Apprentice House, 2017 (Fiction)

∫ Marjorie Power, Oncoming Halos, Kelsay Books, 2018 (Poetry)

∫ Sarah Coomber, The Same Moon, TouchPoint Press, 2018 (Memoir)

∫ Pen Pearson, Bloomsbury’s Late Rose, Chickadee Prince Books, 2019 (Historical Fiction)